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Digital Marketing & Market Research Internship

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Senior Consultant, Safety Culture Change

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Junior Consulting Analyst & Operations Project Manager

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Safety Culture / Organizational Psychology Internship

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Propulo Consulting

Propulo is the leading Safety & Operational Performance Strategic Advisory & Training firm.

We understand that organizations have to build operating cultures that are Safe AND that successfully balance Productivity, Quality and Customer priorities. This balance is essential to taking both operational and safety performance to the next level and is not a trade off.

We understand that the way to achieve new heights in Safety and Operational Performance is to unlock the discretionary effort that exists in every team and organization.

We understand that this requires shifting our focus to the mindset, attitudes and beliefs of team members and leaders that drive improved outcomes and safer choices: Your Brain as PPE.

Combining depth in Brain Science and Psychology with real world Operational and Process experience, we continually invest in the leading research in this space – ensuring that our advice is modern, relevant and backed by the latest science and research. Most importantly our advice can be operationalized and drives business outcomes. Unlocking reduced workplace incidents, greater profitability, enhanced customer loyalty, and stronger productivity.

With over 15 years experience, 8 offices and global reach, our team brings expertise to solve the most complex Safety Culture challenges for a broad range of Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations.

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